Doing pediatric dentistry different

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Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Many parents do not realize that babies and toddlers can get cavities, but they can, and they do. As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, that tooth can begin to decay. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you bring your child for the first dental check up by their first birthday or when the first tooth erupts, whichever comes first.

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Comprehensive Care

Dental health is an essential component of your child’s overall heath. We work hard to provide a comfortable and positive experience for you and your child at each visit. We believe that every child should be treated with kindness, compassion, and respect. Dr. Speed has invested in state-of-the-art dental equipment and a specially trained team, to make the experience more comfortable for your child. Developing and practicing healthy oral habits is easy when you partner with us to create positive experiences when visiting the dentist.

Pediatric dental specialists have years of additional training, and they are experts in child-related dental issues. Not all general dentists feel comfortable working with young children. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to diagnose, treat, and educate parents on oral health issues specific to the care of infants, children, and young adults.

  • Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning)
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • X-Rays
  • Fillings & Sealants
  • Take-Home Whitening Kit
  • Well Baby Exams

Laser Dentistry

Modern technology allows us to use highly precise laser treatments to treat common issues in children’s oral health. We’re able to deliver dental procedures for both teeth and gums, from simple cavities to complex surgeries, without anesthesia.


We eliminate lip-ties and tongue-ties to restore normal tongue function. This procedure allows a baby to latch and breastfeed efficiently while also providing for normal speech development, healthy swallowing patterns, and proper growth. Teens and young adults may benefit by being evaluated for a frenectomy procedure to maximize orthodontic treatment. It can help to eliminate a gap between two front teeth, improve bite function and speech function. We partner with your Orthodontist to deliver comprehensive care.


Benefits of the SOLEA® Laser

  • No anesthesia needed
  • Stress-free, comfortable treatment
  • Quick and easy fillings
  • No more numb lips
  • Less time off school and work

Sprig Crowns

We are proud to offer the next generation of dental technology with Sprig EZCrowns; custom, zirconia, natural-looking crowns for children that Dr. Speed has happily used on her own child’s teeth. 

Sprig Crowns

Benefits of Sprig Crowns

  • Metal-free Zirconia
  • Beautiful white matching crowns
  • Biocompatible for kids
  • “Invisible” dental solution

Fear-Free Dentistry

To help your child enjoy a fear-free experience we offer a variety of sedation options including nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, IV sedation, local and general anesthesia.

Nitrous Oxide

Commonly known as “laughing gas,” this safe, mild approach reduces anxiety. Patients breathe nitrous oxide and oxygen though their nose while a movie plays on the ceiling to help them relax. When the procedure is complete, the gas is removed and patients typically feel normal right away.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Stronger than nitrous oxide, this involves drinking a patient-specific sedative prior to treatment. Patients remain awake and conscious but tend not to remember the procedure. When the procedure is complete, patients may be groggy and should not drive or return to school. 

IV Sedation & General Anesthesia

Our children’s anesthesia specialist delivers a deeper level of sedation and monitors your child during the procedure. Your child will not remember or feel the procedure, which allows us to complete more extensive treatment in a single visit. Patients may leave groggy and should stay with an adult the rest of the day.

Holistic Health Options

When it comes to your child’s oral care, we believe it’s important to focus on whole-body care, too. We offer a variety of natural, holistic options that marry science and nature, and allow you to make the best choice for your child’s overall dental experience.

  • Medical-grade air filtration system
  • Equipment to remove aerosols
  • Fluoride-free toothpaste
  • Silver/mercury-free fillings
  • Toothbrushes made from recycled materials
  • Cocofloss®
  • Paper goodie bags

We love Dr. Speed and the whole Smile Gallery team! My 7 year old daughter started with them when she was 2 and loves going to the dentist. She asks when her appointments are!


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